• 2010 – Demyhealth Consulting Ltd: Health advocacy and health promotion company
  • 2012 – Demyhealth Diagnostics: Clinical diagnostics company
  • 2014 – Demyhealth Clinics: Clinical services
  • 2014 – Till date Demyhealth Clinics transcended to Demyhealth Clinic & Genomic Medicine which also gave a spin-off company Genomic Technologies Ltd.
  • First Genomic medicine clinic in Nigeria

In 2010, Demyhealth started as a healthcare consulting firm that was involved in healthcare advocacy and health promotion against various diseases of public health importance. Our strategy involved comprehensive healthcare screening for early detection of chronic illnesses, vaccine preventable diseases such as: cervical and liver cancer. We were also one of the pioneers of Concierge medicine practice in Abuja-FCT.

Demyhealth Consulting Ltd. gave birth to Demyhealth Diagnostics and subsequently Demyhealth Clinics. Demyhealth Diagnostics was established in January 2012, as a medical laboratory and was later upgraded to a clinic in April 2014, after recording tremendous success as a diagnostic center. The parent company Demyhealth clinics Ltd transcended to Demyhealth Clinic & Genomic medicine and later led to a spin off of a subsidiary company (Genomic Technologies Ltd) that offer wide range of biotechnology services to different industry segments.

We have an outstanding team of foreign and locally trained staff with the right qualifications, certifications and awards.

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