Demyhealth Clinic & Genomic Medicine

Demyhealth Clinic & Genomic Medicine (D&G) and its subsidiary company Genomic Technologies Ltd (GTL) are pioneering Genomic medicine services in partnership with many established UK based and Asian based ISO certified companies to deliver world class Genomics in Nigeria.


We specialize in Invitro-diagnostics, in addition we also service Life science industries such as Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, food & beverage industries via our subsidiary company GTL.
Our state of the art molecular laboratory host advance technology and latest platforms available only in developed countries. These platforms are well integrated and maintained by our world class biomedical team.


Our honesty, experience, flexibility and global network within the biomedical industries in addition to our in-house development service enable us deliver cost effective and fast solutions to our patients and clients.


Our team of Biomedical scientists, biomedical engineers and bio-informaticians deliver rare quality through our robust molecular laboratory design, equipment installation and integration of sample tracking, reagent tracking, testing, result data management and cloud computing. This robust design led credence to our highest industry standard quality control system delivering project aims such as quality and short turnaround times.
We facilitate internal and external quality assurance programs for centers we serve.