Gene Education


GTL is launching the first ever Gene education program in Nigeria, to stimulate interest in genome science and genetics right from primary school up to tertiary and postgraduate level and will be called Gene-edu. This will facilitate the bridging of the longstanding health inequality gap in Nigeria and other African countries compared to the rest of the world, which was further widened in this era of molecular biology and Genomic medicine.

We aim to train a new generation of well informed and knowledgeable scientist to take on this responsibility by partnering with institutions via our GTL MyLab Set-up service. We will provide interested organization with all the necessary molecular biology solution platforms in their various laboratories, alongside complimentary trainings and research studies using these platforms. This will directly impact on their students as every theory taught must be replicated experimentally. For more details on this service visit my service page.


GTL provides in-house research facilities, technical support and mentoring to MSC, PHD and Postdoctoral students to carry out their various researches for their respective projects and thesis work with possible publication in peer review journals.

Importantly, carrying out your research at our GTL center provides you with the extra advantage of easily adapting your training, knowledge and skills gained from life science research into clinical laboratory setting. As there are subtle but very important differences in terms of requirements in clinical laboratory compared to life science research setting. These includes regulatory requirements, laboratory design, role of validated test kits, assay development and assay validation. Laboratory automations, equipment calibrations, laboratory information systems, software requirements, internal and external quality control requirements, standard operating procedures, laboratory safety, protocols and control documents.