Innovation, dedication, perseverance and good business strategy are necessary ingredients to make one stand out from the crowd. Even in a highly dogmatic profession like ours, If one brings something truly innovate or groundbreaking to the table, one is likely to be picked from the crowd; irrespective of age, academic qualifications or rank in the […]

Theory to Practice

Bill Gates in his predictions, mentioned #Artificial Intelligence, #Clean Energy and #Biotechnology as 3 fields that will have the biggest boom and greatest impact on human development in the next few years. The impact of Biotech in crop yield, farming, pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics, biofuels and veterinary will massively uplift poor African countries economically if properly […]


There are limited studies of hepatitis C genotype infection in most regions of Nigeria. Previously there are no data on mix infection with 3 separate hepatitis C genotypes. We are the first to identify triple HCV mix genotype infection in Nigeria. We will be presenting our findings at the upcoming 2018 Gastroenterology of Nigeria conference, […]