University of Nigeria, Nsukka in partnership With Demyhealth Clinic and Genomic Medicine(DCGM) is organizing a 5-day intensive, hands-on training on Molecular Biology and Clinical Diagnostics from 6th-10th of may 2019. DCGM and its subsidiary, Genomic Technologies has built a reputation over the years, by delivering best priced molecular diagnostic services and life science research solutions […]


We are looking for an experienced sales manager with a minimum of 5 years sales experience, of which 2 years must be with a recognized center performing in-house molecular diagnostic services. Role: Sales Director/Regional Sales Manager/General Manager Sales Candidate must have a vast knowledge about the molecular diagnostic market in the northern part the country […]

The Impact of PCR device and Reagents Manufactured for the European Market but Sold in the Nigerian Molecular Diagnostic Space and its Importance in the Business Decision of Diagnostic Centers; Critical Review

Molecular diagnostics and biotechnology is an emerging field in Nigeria. The take off and progress of this field in the country have been slow and the early adopters are faced with challenges that are easily addressable if they work with the right partners. Virtually all centers and institutions that have, or planning to set up […]

Gene Pure Pro Launch

Demyhealth Clinic & Genomic Medicine becomes the first center in Africa to install the most advance and latest Automated Nucleic extractor (Gene Pure Pro) from Bioer Biotechnologies, Japan. This new platform was lunched into the global market in August, 2018; and we are one of the first centers in the world to acquire and install […]


FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PATERNITY TESTING / DNA FINGER PRINTING Testing less than 23 Markers in uniparental sample (Son And Alleged Father) is outdated. Testing 16 – 20 Markers for biparental sample (Son, Mother And Alleged Father) is acceptable. A common set of markers must be tested in DNA typing technology for results to […]

Cervical Cancer Update

FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CERVICAL CANCER AND PAP SMEAR Pap smear is no longer the primary screening test for cervical cancer in women >25 years. HPV DNA testing is now the primary screening test for women >25 years of age. In 2015 FDA approved HPV DNA screening for women greater than 25 years without […]

Innovation, dedication, perseverance and good business strategy are necessary ingredients to make one stand out from the crowd. Even in a highly dogmatic profession like ours, If one brings something truly innovate or groundbreaking to the table, one is likely to be picked from the crowd; irrespective of age, academic qualifications or rank in the […]

Theory to Practice

Bill Gates in his predictions, mentioned #Artificial Intelligence, #Clean Energy and #Biotechnology as 3 fields that will have the biggest boom and greatest impact on human development in the next few years. The impact of Biotech in crop yield, farming, pharmaceutical, medical diagnostics, biofuels and veterinary will massively uplift poor African countries economically if properly […]


There are limited studies of hepatitis C genotype infection in most regions of Nigeria. Previously there are no data on mix infection with 3 separate hepatitis C genotypes. We are the first to identify triple HCV mix genotype infection in Nigeria. We will be presenting our findings at the upcoming 2018 Gastroenterology of Nigeria conference, […]