Demyhealth is a leading healthcare service provider in Nigeria, with core specialization in molecular biology. Our subsidiaries, Genomic Technologies and Next Gen Biotech, offer extensive biotechnology equipment and services covering a broad range of activities in life sciences.

We have set up 10 fully functional Biosafety level 2 and level 3 molecular laboratories in Nigeria, sold and installed 33 PCR machines, 10 automated nucleic acid extractors and many other biotechnology solutions in Nigeria since 2017. We have also sold over 150,000 molecular diagnostic test kits, research test kits and consumables. Demyhealth exclusively represent leading biotechnology companies in the world, such as IT-IS Life Science UK, Elisabeth Pharmacon Group, and Bioer Technology.

With our extensive experience in the industry, we have modeled a process that will effectively reduce the Nigerian COVID-19 infection rate in very short time.

The geometric increase in the country’s COVID-19 cases and the challenge it poses to the government in providing adequate testing and quality healthcare for its citizens have necessitated the need for more molecular laboratories to meet the current health challenges of the teeming population.

Thus, we propose the free placement of equipment in various molecular laboratories in Nigeria as support to the government’s efforts in resolving challenges in the health sector.


Having carefully considered some inadequacies in the Nigerian Health sector, and the need to aid government change the status quo in order to afford Nigerians better health care, this proposal aims at:

  1. Increasing testing for infectious diseases: With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to double the effort in dealing with the pandemic is expedient. Therefore, this project will help increase test volume and the number of daily COVID-19 results produce in these centers.

  2. Faster and cheaper tests: Our automated DNA/RNA extraction machine significantly reduces cost of testing, improves efficiency and ultimately will reduce the current sample to result time of 48 hours to a fraction of the time (average of 3 hours).

  3. Test Quality: The instruments that will be supplied will have the capacity to eliminate human errors and use less consumables which will save cost and provide high quality results.

  4. Improving Research: This project will go a long way to aid the Health and Education sectors improve on the current level of research by affording students and professionals well equipped molecular laboratories for research development.

  5. Breaching the gap of costing: With the projected increase in the number of standard molecular laboratories due to the gains of this project, the cost of molecular tests in the country would experience a huge decrease as the monopoly which currently exists by a little few would be broken, thereby providing standard healthcare to Nigerians at more affordable rates.


We propose the placement of our nucleic acid extraction machine for free only to molecular laboratories that perform a minimum of 700 – 1000 samples of COVID-19 test monthly. These instruments would be supplied at no cost to the beneficiary laboratories or agencies. The instrument becomes a property of the partner lab after completion of fifteen thousand (15,000) tests.

However, the reagents for testing would be solely sold to the beneficiary laboratories or agencies by our company at a very competitive price for a one to three year period (1 – 3 years) depending when the 15,000 tests is achieved, after which ownership of the instruments supplied would be transferred to the laboratories or agencies.


The scope of this proposal is as follows:

Genomic Technologies, a subsidiary of Demyhealth Clinic and Genomic Medicine being the major distributor of (our equipment) would be charged with the supply of the following equipment:

  1. Gene Pure Pro Nucleic Acid Purification System (1ml reaction volume x 32 samples) (Bioer NPA32-P)

  2. MagaBio Plus Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kit II (100T)

  3. MagaBio plus Virus DNA/RNA Purification Kit II (Pre-packed, ready to use, dispense sample only) (32T)

  4. 96 Deep Well Plate (2.2ml)-24 pieces

  5. 8 Strip Tips (16 pieces).

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