Once again, we have been contracted to set up an upscale molecular laboratory. This time, by Clinix Healthcare Ltd. This brings the total FULLY FUNCTIONAL molecular lab established in Nigeria by Demyhealth to 8, including the last 2 we did in the last 1 month. We just completed a high-profile molecular laboratory in Abuja and we are rounding up Afriglobal second molecular laboratory, Lagos branch.

Clinix healthcare and Afriglobal are the 2 biggest diagnostic centers in Nigeria in terms of market share, spread and financial capabilities. These 2 category kings in the industry chose Demyhealth strictly based on merit and due to the unmatched advantages we bring to the table, such as:

  1. We are honest and transparent.
  2. Knowledgeable, qualified and competent team (in-country technical capabilities).
  3. Adequate experience and technical know how.
  4. Worldwide Industry network, local and international.
  5. Availability of high quality, accurate and fast PCR instruments, unmatched by other brands.
  6. The best brands of reagents and consumables, yet at the most affordable prices.

Due to the association of these centers with Demyhealth, these centers are now well positioned to take over the entire South West molecular diagnostic market. The association with us will make it practically impossible for any player in that region to match their pricing, speed and range of molecular diagnostic services.

We have been doing this for years, which is why we set up molecular laboratory, not just for Covid-19, but to also offer comprehensive, fast, efficient and best priced molecular diagnostic services; seamlessly to the Nigerian population.

Endeavor to join Demyhealth Molecular Biology network today, in order to build a sustainable and competitive brand in this industry segment.


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