As a strategic partner to direct manufacturers we are offering our real-time PCR to Nigerians at best price you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Our MyGo Pro and MyGo Mini PCR are manufactured in the UK by IT-IS Life Science. Because their PCR machines are synonymous with quality and above industry standard, thus IT-IS Life Science also manufactures PCR machines for Roche and other big brands.

MyGo Pro is easily one of the best PCR in the world with 120 channels (most PCR have 1 – 6 channels), its SRS version has over 23 factory calibrated dyes (most PCR have 7 – 14 calibrated dyes). It has a run time of less than 47 minutes unlike many that have several hours run time. It has capability exceeds 7 plex reaction (most PCR do 5 plex reaction or less). It has outperformed industry standard and all the major PCR it has been compared with evident in peer review publications.

Our Promo Price is below pre-ordering (shipping and customs clearance inclusive) with a lead time of starting from 1 week for Mygo Mini. You can be provided with a standby PCR till your order arrives.

MyGo Mini 3.5 million Naira at current dollar rate of 450 ($7,777), lead time 1 week

MyGo Pro 7 million Naira at current dollar rate of 450 ($15,555), lead time 2 weeks

Lingene 9600 (96 well) 11 million Naira, lead time 2 – 3 weeks

Quantgene 9600 (96 well) 16.3 million naira, lead time 3 – 4 weeks

These are currently the best priced Real-Time PCRs in the world judging by quality and industry performance.

For enquiries and payment call 08092776065, 08092776022.

NOTE: You can opt to pay directly into our partner account abroad and get a further discount.

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