Sample collection, pre-processing and inactivation of covid-19 virus to prevent infection spread is a crucial step in covid-19 testing.

The labile nature of viral nucleic acid necessitates that the integrity of sample be preserved with efficient and stable transport / preservative medium.

Demyhealth’s sample collection kit not only preserves the sample but also renders the virus non infectious. Our transport medium comes as full package:

1. Swab stick with Teflon breakable end

2. Viral preservation medium

3. Viral inactivation medium

This package eliminates the heat inactivation stage (which is prone to generating aerosol), it also eliminates the stress of buying class 3 cabinets and PPEs after inactivation of the virus.

It’s excellent at rapidly inactivating virus sample and cutting off the source of infection to ensure the safety of front-line medical workers. Additionally, it inhibits DNase / RNase activity, makes samples stable for transportation and storage at room temperature. It also enhances effective qPCR detection rate for positive samples.

This have been validated and certified safe for clinical diagnostics. Documents attached

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