Our Team

CEO / President

Dr. Obiodunukwe Emeka Augustine is the Chief executive officer and the Clinical director at Demyhealth; where his mainstay of his research, consulting and interest are Genomic medicine, biomedicine, biotechnology and molecular biology of reproduction.
He is an administrative and technical expert in Nigerian healthcare industry with more than a decade experience in clinical medicine, reproductive medicine, public health, laboratory medicine and Genomics.
Emeka Obiodunukwe has worked at different capacities as a Clinician, Public health physician, Health insurance manager and Physician scientist with organizations such as Reddington multi-specialist hospital, Havana Hospital, Maayoith Healthcare HMO, WHO and Demyhealth.
Dr. Emeka is a Clinician, administrator, entrepreneur and a physician scientist. He holds diverse portfolios and different board level directorship appointments. He is the CEO of Genonmic Technologies (Life science research and industry biotechnology), Demyhealth consulting Ltd (Health advocacy, promotion & concierge medicine) and Demyhealth clinic & Genomic medicine (Clinical genomics and diagnostics). He received his education at university of Calabar medical school and The university of Warwick medical school, UK for his undergraduate and postgraduate medical training respectively.

Senior Technical Manager

Obiodunukwe Ebuka is a senior technical manager, biomedical engineer and Project Coordinator of our Biomolecular Engineering Department. He handles the architectural and structural engineering design aspect of setting up a molecular laboratory for D&G and GTL.
He has vast knowledge and skills in the structural and architectural aspect of setting up a Molecular Pathology laboratory. These knowledge and skills stems from recent years of handling molecular biology projects and previous experience in handling related structural projects, general metal fabrication, wood and glass work.

As a distinguished graduate of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, he is well rounded in areas such as project and production management, materials selection, biomaterials engineering, technical drawing and design, welding and general metal fabrication.

He holds several joint venture partnership and board level directorship appointment in startups and existing businesses. He is a Director at WeldHome Fabrication Services, NutriHome Foods, and Demyhealth clinic & Genomic medicine.

US Liaison

Ochiobi, Chinenye A. Jude MBBCh, MPH.
Dr Ochiobi is medical practitioner with sound experience in clinical medicine, public health practice and preventive health care. He has worked in the capacity of a clinician in private hospital practice in Nigeria; in a health center; and emergency department of a district hospital with the Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia.
Dr Ochiobi had his medical training in the prestigious university of Calabar in Cross River State of Nigeria. He obtained masters in public health (MPH, with concentration on Occupational and environmental health) in the renowned Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, in the province of British Columbia in Canada. During his public health training, he was involved in workshops on workplace safety within the province of British Columbia and undertook research activities – as part of his MPH training – on occupational health, specifically on work related musculoskeletal injuries.
Besides his engagement in clinical practice and in public health practice during his MPH training, Dr Ochiobi in the past has engaged with the government of Abia State in delivery of preventive health care services to rural communities in Abia State. He has also volunteered with a non-governmental agency in delivery of free preventive care service to a rural community in Imo State.
Dr Ochiobi believes in lifelong learning and strives to render quality & selfless clinical, public health and preventive health care services to his immediate community and the international community at large.

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