Genomic Technologies Ltd

GTL is your trusted partner providing comprehensive molecular laboratory solutions to academic and life science research departments, for use in food testing, drug discovery and pharmacogenomic research, beverage industries and veterinary

Technical Background

We are one of the most sophisticated Molecular diagnostic team in the country. Our entire team of biomedical scientists, biomedical engineers and bioinformaticians are wholly dedicated to molecular diagnostic solution which makes us as a group bigger than any competitor in this space in Nigeria. Unlike the rest that deal on thousands of products and services in virtually all medical fields.

We provide:

  • Genomic medicine/molecular pathology training and consultancy
  • Molecular Lab architectural and engineering drawings
  • Molecular lab installation and customize design to fit existing facility
  • World class IT and bioinformatics services
  • Equipment installation and project commissioning
  • Equipment calibration, testing, assay development and validation
  • Provision of external quality assurance service
  • Contractual agreement and preventive maintenance
  • On-site Repair
  • Spare parts supports
  • Instrument warranty eligibility assessment and decontamination program

Below are the lists of different Industry segments we serve, and essentially needs qPCR applications:

  • Clinics and Hospitals.
  • Small, medium and complex medical laboratories.
  • Academic labs in secondary and post-secondary institutions in private and public schools such as Biology, Microbiology, Virology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Genetics, Cell biology, Biomedicine, Veterinary and Pathology departments.
  • Private organizations offering any of the above service.
    • Food and Beverage industries.
    • Pharmaceuticals and Biopharma industries
  • Governmental organizations such as hospitals and regulatory bodies.
  • Non-governmental organizations providing health related services.

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